UWA Sport Masterclasses are a series of FREE events exploring a range of topics to help you get the most out of your training.

From goal setting and wellness to fitness, flexibility and self-defence, UWA Sport Masterclasses have something for everyone!
Focusing on skills you can use both in the gym, and in your every day pursuits, if you are looking to have fun, develop your skill-set, and find some balance in your busy life, then join us on the gym floor for our semester two Masterclass Series!

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UWA Sport Masterclass Series

Goal Setting for a Holistic Lifestyle

When: Tuesday 22 August, 5-6pm

Topic: This workshop takes a deeper look at how goal setting benefits your daily life and how to work towards creating a holistic life pattern. You will walk away with the tools to effectively set and achieve your goals. We help you realign your priorities and hand control back over to you.

Location: Multi-Purpose Room

Trainer: Sharu

Krav Maga Self-Defence

When: Tuesday 5 September, 5-6pm

Topic: Krav Maga is a practical and efficient self-defence combat system. In this class you will learn to act on your natural instincts, enabling you to address attacks in any scenario. Krav Maga will teach you how perform better under stress and learn awareness that will help keep you away from problematic situations.

Location: Multi-Purpose Room

Trainer: Aqil & Brian

Squats, Bench & Deadlifts

When: Saturday 23 September, 10:30-11:30 am

Topic: Squats, bench press and deadlifts can be used to form a wide variety of effective training programs. In this class you will focus on basic techniques, along with lift-specific stretches that can improve recovery. At the end of this session, you will have enough information about technique and workout structure to incorporate the squat, bench and deadlift into your training with confidence.

Location: High-Performance Room

Trainer: Emily

Fitness for Ladies

When: Tuesday 10 October, 5-6pm

Topic: The fitness industry today is full of conflicting information about how women should train to achieve their goals, and often it’s difficult to tell the right from the wrong. This masterclass delves into the PROVEN ways women can train to achieve their goals. Weather you’re aiming to get fitter, lose weight or improve mental wellbeing, this class emphasises strength training, cardio methods and general health to help you reach your potential.

Location: Gym Floor

Trainer: Catriona

Stretching & Functional Movement

When: Tuesday 24 October, 5-6pm

Topic: If you are looking to build your knowledge of stretching and functional movement, this Masterclass is for you. This class looks at the benefits of including stretching in your regular training program to aid muscle recovery post workout.

Location: Functional Training Zone Floor

Trainer: Caitlin

Mind, Body, Nutrition & Stress

When: Tuesday 7 November, 5-6pm

Topic: When we become overwhelmed, we lose sight of our priorities and our tolerance to every day stressors diminishes. This Masterclass will help you recognise where you are directing your energy. By taking the time to understand what our bodies need, we can move through our days with a sense of ease and reach our full potential.

Location: Multi-Purpose Room

Trainer: Emily

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