UWA Sport Masterclasses are a series of events topics that help you get the most out of your training.

From nutrition and supplementation to fitness, performance and self-defence, UWA Sport Masterclasses have something for everyone!
Focusing on skills you can use both in the gym, and in your every day pursuits, if you are looking to have fun, develop your skill-set, and find some balance in your busy life, then join us on the gym floor for our semester one Masterclass Series!

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UWA Sport Masterclass Series

Self Defence

When: Tuesday 10 April, 5-6pm

Topic: This streamlined self-defence class takes inspiration from several martial arts in order to teach you to how defend yourself in an effective manner. The class is also a preface to a 7 week Recreate martial arts course, which will delve deeper into various styles .

Location: Sports Hall

Trainer: Lachlan McGregor

Nutrition and Supplementation

When: Tuesday 24 April, 5-6pm

Topic: Nutrition is the cornerstone of health and fitness. Weight loss and gain comes down what and how one eats. During this class, we will begin to provide you with the tools to better understand food and nutrition.

Location:  Boardroom, UWA Watersports Complex

Trainer: Brittany More

Strength and Conditioning Program

When: Tuesday 8 May, 5-6pm

Topic: Learn the fundamental basics of strength and conditioning, including common and unique exercises. This class will introduce you to squat and hinge progressions, with demonstrations of the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

Location: High-Performance Room

Trainer: Micky Sivakumar

Strength and Power Training for Sports Performance

When: Wednesday 23 May, 5-6.30pm (Free for gym members, $10 for non-members)

Topic: Strength and Conditioning has become a vital component in sport, from grassroots to the Olympic stage. The science of converting strength and power into positive sport performance requires a good understanding of training principles. This class addresses the general principles and considerations to be taken when preparing an athlete for peak performance in sports.

Location: Water Sports Complex (TBC)

Trainer: Jordan Stares

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