Take on the 28 spin class challenge at the UWA Fitness Centre! 

Join in fun of the Tour de France this July with the Tour de UWA Sport at the UWA Fitness Centre.  

In addition to the 24 regular 45 minute classes (found on the Group Fitness timetable) all worth one point, some classes will help you earn some bonus points:

  • 7 July: ENDURO60- 60 minute class worth 2 points
  • 9 July: ENDURO60- 60 minute class worth 2 points
  • 14 July: ENDURO90- 90 minute class worth 3 points (Bastille Day)
  • 18 July: ENDURO60- 60 minute class worth 2 points
  • 28 July: ENDURO90- 90 minute class worth 3 points

The first person to collect 21 out of the available 34 points will win the competition, following the 21 stages of the Tour de France. The winner will need to submit their score cards with 21 points and their end date. Download the score card below or pick one up from your group fitness instructor. Please note this competition is only available to current gym members.

Download score card

Instructions and terms of entry

  • Each rider must register at Eventbrite.
  • Each rider must collect a scorecard and bring it with them to every class.
  • Competition begins on Saturday 7 July at 10.00am RPM class and concludes on Saturday 28 July after the 10.00am RPM class.
  • Riders may register after the start of the competition.
  • Bikes are allocated for each class on a first come first served basis.
  • Each class must be marked on the scorecard and signed by the instructor at the completion of each class
  • At completion of 21 points a rider must have their scorecard signed and the date and time recorded by the instructor teaching the class.
  • Riders may choose to hold onto their scorecards and try to complete all 34 points to win an additional month onto their membership.
  • Completed scorecards must be placed in the collection box in the Spin Room by COB on Wednesday 3 August.
  • Winners will be announced on Friday 5 August.

Register now

Competition Winners

First to complete 21 points
  • $50 voucher
  • 3 month membership extension
Runner Up
Second to complete 21 points
  • $30 voucher
  • 2 month membership extension
Third place
Third to complete 21 points
  • $20 voucher
  • 1 month membership extension
Participation winners
Anyone who collects 34 points will be rewarded with a one month extension independent of the top three winners.
Bonus winner
Random pick of score cards wins a UWA Sport merchandise pack

Contact Us

If you have any further queries, please contact one of our UWA Sport Customer Service Officers.

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