Masterclass Series

Get the most out of your training with UWA Sport Masterclasses

UWA Sport Masterclasses

From nutrition and supplementation to fitness, performance and self-defence, UWA Sport Masterclasses have something for everyone!
Focusing on skills you can use both in the gym, and in your every day pursuits, if you are looking to have fun, develop your skill-set, and find some balance in your busy life, then join us on the gym floor for our semester one Masterclass Series! These sessions will now be delivered online as part of our 'Move it UWA' initiative. 

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 Mind and Body
It is important to keep ourselves physically and mentally healthy, especially in the times that we find ourselves in today.
Join us and for a one hour information session with one of our accredited team members who will be running the course, perfect for individuals who are looking for ways they can relieve any stresses they are feeling at the moment.
This seminar will cover how you can incorporate a workout into your study routine to help you feel calm and ready for your exams or assignments as well as what kind of exercise you may find most beneficial. It will also include a short guided progressive muscle relaxation session which will help you to relax your mind and put it at ease.
Format: Online Blog
Available online from Wednesday 1 April
Fitness Education 101
An accredited personal trainer will be running the course, perfect for individuals who are new to this world and are looking for some information to be more prepared!
The seminar will cover a variety of key training principles such as exercise technique, the difference between using free weights and machine weights, as well as introducing you to a variety of beneficial exercises to include in your training routine including ones that you can do from home.
Format: Video
Available online from Wednesday 6 May
Nutrition and Supplementation
Join us and for a 15-25 minute information session with one of our accredited personal trainers. This is perfect for individuals who are new to the gym and/or want to learn more about how to balance your diet with exercise for optimum health and fitness results.
This seminar will inform you how to correctly incorporate supplements into your diet, when and what to eat pre, during and post workout and how to adjust your nutritional intake to best suit your training goals.
Format: Video
Available online from Wednesday 3 June

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