Masterclass Series

Get the most out of your training with UWA Sport Masterclasses

UWA Sport Masterclasses

From nutrition and supplementation to fitness, performance and self-defence, UWA Sport Masterclasses have something for everyone!
Focusing on skills you can use both in the gym, and in your every day pursuits, if you are looking to have fun, develop your skill-set, and find some balance in your busy life, then join us on the gym floor for our semester one Masterclass Series! These sessions will now be delivered online as part of our 'Move it UWA' initiative. 

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Aerobic Training
Cardiovascular training or Aerobic training can be defined as physical exercise that depends on the aerobic energy system. In other words, aerobic training is any exercise that features the use of oxygen to adequately meet the energy demands of that exercise.
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Mental Health and Exercise
We all know about the physical benefits of exercise and physical activity, but how often do you think about the benefits that it brings to our mental health?
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Resistance training
Resistance training (also known as strength/weight training) is the main type of exercise you think of when you think about working out in a gym. Resistance training uses a resistant force and applies that force to a muscular contraction to increase strength, endurance and size of skeletal muscles.
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