Masterclass Series

Get the most out of your training with UWA Sport Masterclasses

UWA Sport Masterclasses

From nutrition and supplementation to fitness, performance and self-defence, UWA Sport Masterclasses have something for everyone!
Focusing on skills you can use both in the gym, and in your every day pursuits, if you are looking to have fun, develop your skill-set, and find some balance in your busy life, then join us on the gym floor for our semester two Masterclass Series!

These sessions are open to all! Students, staff and the general public are welcome.

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Semester 2 Masterclasses

Preparation for City to Surf: Improve Your Power and Speed for Running
Are you preparing to run the City to Surf this August? Learn how to maximise your training by improving your power and speed in preparation for the City to Surf in this Masterclass.
Presenter: Roger Gott
Date: Tuesday 16 July
Time: 5-6pm
Venue: UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre, Studio
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Body Sculpting for Women
Are you a woman with an interest in Body Sculpting, or just want to learn something new? Learn how to effectively sculpt your body and gain important training tips from former competitor Michelle Broughton.
Presenter: Michelle Broughton
Date: Tuesday 6 August
Time: 5-6pm
Venue: UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre, Gym
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Post-Workout Nutrition for Refuelling and Recovery
What you eat after your training is just as important as the training itself. Making the most of your nutrition after a workout can help speed up the process of recovery, ensuring your body can best adapt to the training stimulus and help you get the most out of your training
Presenter: Brittany More
Date: Wednesday 28 August
Time: 5-6pm
Venue: UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre, Glass Room
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Boost Your Lifts with Biomechanics
Learn how to easily add 10kg to your bench presses, squats and deadlifts. This session will focus on auxiliary lifts and techniques to overcome improper biomechanics that may be limiting your lifting progress.
Presenter: Micky Sivakumar
Date: Tuesday 10 September
Time: 5-6pm
Venue: UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre
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