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The University of Western Australia has a long history of commitment to supporting athlete in pursuing sport at the highest level. The UWA Student Athlete Development Program has been designed to support and facilitate high performing student athletes in balancing the demands of study and sport during their time at university. Through the Student Athlete Development Program, athletes gain exposure to development opportunities, have access to financial support through UWA Sport Scholarships, and are provided with the support networks necessary to aid them in balancing dual career aspirations. With over 250 athletes on campus, representing more than 40 different sports, the UWA Student Athlete Development Program is the largest and most comprehensive elite athlete university program in Western Australia.

Student Athlete Development Program

The Student Athlete Development Program aims to assist high performing athletes at UWA who seek to combine their sporting pursuits with positive academic pursuits. The program supports student athletes at a high state level through to those who are internationally competitive.

The program strives to provide support to student athletes in pursuing both academic and sporting excellence through the following services:

  • Various education and development opportunities specific to high performance sport and pursuing dual career aspirations
  • Access to a support network of staff within the University who can assist in balancing academics with sporting pressures.
  • Campus facilities that aid efficient and time effective training
  • Support services that that position students with an opportunity to maximise their employability post-graduation
  • Access to social events to connect with a community of over 250 student athletes

Upon application and agreement of the following terms and conditions you will be notified via email of the outcome of your application.

Please ensure you include your current level of competition ie: club, state, national or international in your application.  

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UWA Future Student Athletes

Are you worried about how to juggle your training and competition travel with your future studies at UWA? Then the Future Student Athlete Program is for you.

Receive updates on scholarship application deadlines, entry dates, support in your application and information on available course work.

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UWA understand the pressures of being an elite athlete and values the commitment of students to their dual aspirations. There are a range of scholarships available to student athletes increase their chances of success in both their sport and their academic pursuits.

Below are sport-related scholarships that the university offers to student athletes:


The Sports Bursaries program provides the foundations to build a comprehensive support structure for elite, and high performing student athletes here at UWA. The program has assisted a number of athletes across various sports, contributing to costs associated with equipment, professional development and competition.

Applications for UWA Sport bursaries open June 7 2021 and close August 13 2021.

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If you have any further queries, please contact one of our UWA Sport Customer Service Officers.