How does sport at UWA operate? 

Understand how UWA Sport operates and the impact the annual SSAF fee has on the student experience 

At the University of Western Australia, sport plays a central role in the lives of students and promotes a healthy campus culture. Whether you’re training for a gold medal or looking for a spin, dance or Pilates class, UWA Sport offers programs and membership options to suit everyone.

How does UWA Sport operate?

UWA Sport has six service areas:

  • Health and Fitness: UWA Sport provides health and fitness products and services, such as gym memberships, personal training and group fitness
  • Aquatics: UWA Sport provides aquatics products and services, such as swimming programs, high performance coaching and facilities management
  • Sport and Recreation: UWA Sport provides recreation products and services, such as Recreate short courses, tours, camps and kids holiday programs
  • Facilities and Equipment: UWA Sport manages sports facilities and equipment, including bookings, user optimisation, repairs and maintenance
  • Affiliated Sports Clubs: UWA Sport provides professional support and assistance to affiliate sporting clubs.
  • High Performance: UWA Sport develops and provides support to high-performing student-athletes and teams.

Each year, the University allocates a portion of Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) to UWA Sport, which is used to support the delivery of specific services to students.

What does my SSAF go towards?

The University allocates SSAF to non-academic services and amenities for students, including those provided by UWA Sport, UWA Student Guild and Student Services. UWA Sport utilises SSAF to deliver student-focussed programs, facilities, products and services, including:

  • Health and Fitness, e.g. student priced memberships, academic year membership options, professionally staffed facility, free come and try programs, opportunity for students to participate in key WA events, student employment, complimentary experience passes
  • UWA Affiliate Sport clubs, e.g. access to cost effective facilities, club grants, leadership and development opportunities
  • Student Competitive Sport, e.g. Interfaculty sporting competition, Intercollege sporting competition 
  • High Performance Program, e.g. provision of student athlete bursaries, international competition funding, student athlete development sessions, support and servicing students to attend Nationals (Uni Games), funding support for National Indigenous Games, professional staff management of competition delivery
  • Student Development, e.g. unique trips and tours at cost effective prices, skills development 
  • Sports Events, e.g. delivery of a robust sporting events calendar, hosting of National Indigenous Games

A breakdown of the current SSAF distribution at UWA Sport is detailed in the graph below. If you would like to learn more about the distribution of SSAF, please visit this page.

Last updated 29 June 2022