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Learn more about major sport projects happening at UWA Sport.

Learn about UWA Sport's the upcoming, in progress, and recently completed infrastructure and facilities projects happening around the university.

In Progress

Neil Donaldson Pavilion
The new Neil Donaldson Pavilion will provide new, modern, functional and universal amenities to service the needs of UWA Sports and its affiliated clubs and users, setting the benchmark for all future development at Sports Park. Find out more
Boat Ramp Upgrade
The UWA Boat Ramp is getting an upgrade to make access to the Swan River safer and easier. UWA Sport and UWA Campus Management are overseeing the project and are liaising with relevant stakeholders including the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) and sports clubs.
Scope of works: The project will include landscaping of the riverbank and replacement of the existing boat ramp.
Timeline: Please check back regularly for updates. 
Tennis Lighting
UWA will soon commence the installation of lighting to six (6) clay tennis courts at the UWA Tennis Centre located at UWA Sports Park. This project will see capacity of the venue increase exponentially through the addition of night play, not currently available at the venue. This project is an extension of the 2019 sports grounds lighting upgrade completed within the UWA Sports Park Master Plan. UWA would like to acknowledge the funding support of the State Government through the grant offered under the Club Night Lights Program. The project is expected to be completed in Q4 2022.
International Martial Arts Centre Lighting Upgrade
UWA will soon commence an upgrade to the indoor lighting at the International Martial Arts Centre. The lighting project will modernize the indoor lighting system within the venue and is scheduled to be completed in late July/early August 2022.

Completed Projects

UWA Sports Park Lighting Upgrade
Project overview: UWA Sport upgraded the lighting at UWA Sports Park to community level training standard for winter sports. The lighting project delivered 100 Lux to the Australian Rules Football, Athletics, Rugby and Soccer playing fields. Capacity has also been integrated into the design to allow us to light one main playing field for each sporting code to community competition standard in the future.
Completed: April - November 2019
Fitness Centre improvements
UWA Sport made key improvements to the Fitness Centre based on customer feedback to enhance user experience at the gym. 
Scope of works: The project included restructuring of Fitness Centre layout, moving gym equipment, and minor construction works.
Completed: February 2021
Fitness Equipment Upgrade
The UWA Gym received a range of new equipment and other upgrades to enhance member experience in the gym! The new equipment includes treadmills, ellipticals, spin bikes, ski and bike ergs, group fitness bars and exercise mats. This new equipment allows us o offer state-of-the-art technology that will connect you to our cardio equipment and help you track your fitness through the UWA Gym app. The flooring in the functional training space, as well as a portion of flooring on the main gym floor, has also being replaced with durable rubber flooring.
Completed: October 2021

Crawley Outdoor Court Resurfacing
UWA Sport have completed a total resurfacing of the outdoor courts at the Crawley campus, iuncluding upgrades to surrounding fencing, lighting and drainage. This project also included the marking of new lines to accommodate multipurpose sport usage, including 8 netball courts, 8 tennis courts, 2 3x3 basketball courts, and 2 futsal courts, as well as the installation of new court equipment including swing-away basketball towers and futsal goals.
Completed: February 2022

Student Athlete Hub Renovation
UWA Sport have completed the construction of a new Student Athlete Hub overlooking the Sports Hall which provides an important space for student athletes to study, relax, and connect with their peers. Completed works include the construction on new floors, ceilings, installation of air conditioning and improved connectivity.
Completed: November 2021

Multiball Interactive Wall
A Multiball interactive system has been installed at the UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre. Multiball is a mixed reality sports and gaming platform, designed for the interaction between physical activity and digital games.
Completed: December 2021

Sports Hall Technology Improvements
UWA Sport has replaced defective shot clocks and installed a new Pixellot AI camera, both of which can be used for a wide range of sporting applications.
Completed: April 2022

New Athletics Shed
A new, bigger Athletics Store has been built, and included the demolition of the old shed.
Completed: April 2022
UWA Sports Park Improvments
UWA Sport is excited to share that work to improve the East and West amenities at UWA Sport Park has been completed. We have made improvements to lighting, removal of unnecessary furniture and fittings, resurfacing of built-in furniture, new signage and new painting.
Hockey Safety Netting
Safety netting has been installed at UWA Hockey Turf 1 to protect an area commonly used by children from hockey balls.
Completed: October 2022
Hockey Speakers
Speakers have been installed at Hockey Superturf 1
Completed: November 2022

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